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Parts & Filters Cross Reference

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Collar Wrench Information (Download a printable version of this chart)

  OD Collar Metal Composite
Diesel Pro 230, 232, 233, 234, 242, 243. Shop Pro ST 5" 232007DAV
metal 5 in
composite 5 in
Fuel Pro 380, 382, 384 6" 380134
metal 6 in
composite 6 in
Fuel Pro 482, 483, Shop Pro FXP 8" 482017
metal 8 in
Tightening the collar with the wrench: Simultaneously apply downward pressure to the top of the clear cover until it is seated on the body of the Fuel Pro/Diesel Pro and hand tighten the collar until it no longer spins freely. Torque the cover assembly by rotating the collar clockwise two additional ribs using the collar wrench (~18 ft-lbs).

What Filter To Order (Click here for a listing of recomended filters)
Click on the form number below for a pdf chart of recommended filters.

Click here for a video showing how to change a filter on a DAVCO Fuel Processor or on a Shop Pro.

Description Form Number
Diesel Pro 210 Recommended Filters F1316
Diesel Pro 233 and 234 Recommended Filters F1317
Diesel Pro 243 7 micron EleMax Filter, Fleetguard Brand P/N FS19624
10 micron EleMax Filter, Fleetguard Brand P/N FS19727
25 micron EleMax Filter, Fleetguard Brand P/N FS19728
Fuel Pro 382, 382, 384 and 482/483 Recommended Filters F3105
Shop Pro FXP - refer to filter recommendation for Fuel Pro 482/483 F3105

How to specify options for Fuel Processor Models
Parts Numbers Identification:
Click here for all Parts Number Identification Info on one webpage.
Description Form Number
Diesel Pro 243 Parts Identification Numbers F1858
Fuel Pro 382 Parts Identification Numbers F1833
Fuel Pro 482 Parts Identification Numbers F1856
Fuel Pro 483 Parts Identification Numbers F1857

Service Parts & Service Kits
(Shop Pro Service Kit information is on this page>>>)
Description Form Number
Diesel Pro 232 Service Parts F3012
Diesel Pro 233 Service Parts F3233
Diesel Pro 243 Service Parts F3044
Fuel Pro 321 Service Parts F5205
Fuel Pro 380 Service Parts F5208
Fuel Pro 382/383 Service Parts F3086
Fuel Pro 382/383 Service Parts: by OEM Code F3035
Fuel Pro 482 Service Parts: Service Parts are included in the Fuel Pro 482 Technical Manual. Form Number: F1212
Fuel Pro 483 Service Parts F3252
Fuel Pro 382/483: Installing a 120VAC Pre-heater F3099
Replace Pre-heater Thermoswitch Instructions F1263
Upgrade WIF from single grounding pin to dual grounding pin on Diesel Pro 232/233 F3036
Diverter Cap Ordering Numbers F1315
Convert Diesel Pro 210 to Diesel Pro 243 F3199