Diesel Pro® 243
Fuel Fitration and water separation for medium duty,
transit and school bus applications

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Fuel Pro® 382
All in one Fuel Fitration and Water Separation

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Filtration for the Detroit DD13, DD15 and DD16 Engines

The Fuel Pro 483 can be used with heavy duty diesel engines with flow rates up to 180 GPH

Clear Cover on top means longer filter life and easier diagnostics
Fuel/Water Separation and Contaminant Removal
Shop Pro®
Priming, fuel tank sweeping and fuel transfer with filtration on one portable unit
Sea Pro®
Diesel Fuel Filtrations for Marine Applications
Industrial Pro®
Industry, Power Generation, Mining, Oil and Gas Exploration


DAVCO has the solutions for diesel fuel gelling and related cold weather issues to keep your truck running smoothly in cold weather. For smooth starts and dependable cold weather operation, keep fuel at a controlled temperature.

A variety of factors can contribute to cold weather related starting issues, including additives, fuel quality, and fuel line routing. DAVCO has the right solution for your application to keep your vehicle on the road when the temperatures drop.

Heating options include a range of electric and coolant heat sources for Diesel Pro and Fuel Pro models.

DAVCO Technology, LLC celebrates 40 years in business. Founded in 1976, Davco has grown to be a well respected industry leader in diesel fuel filtration technology.

For use with “SEEING IS BELIEVING®” Technology in DAVCO Fuel Processors.


High efficiency and high capacity filtration, with three layers of incremental micron sized StrataPoreā„¢ filter media.

The Elemax filter has increased contamination capacity.

The patented and calibrated vapor pressure relief valve ensures full use of the filter life potential.

Filter Selection

Determine the correct filter for your application. Click here for filters listed by P/N and micron rating.

See when NOT to change the filter. The difference is the clear cover on top.

filters in a row

The fuel processor design uses only the amount of StrataPore filter media needed minimizing fuel restriction throughout the life of the filter. Use the clear cover to the fuel level. When the fuel reaches to top of the filter, it is time to change the filter.

Reduce waste by using the full capacity of filter.

Extended filter change intervals are based on useful filter life instead of mileage or calendar date.


DAVCO on the radio:

Oriean Clayton, Director of Sales and Service at DAVCO was interviewed by Homer Hogg of Travel Centers of America on Sirius XM Trucker Channel. Listen to the interview here.